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Mode Eighty - Gateron Milky Yellows - Osume Matcha

Insane board. Just finding that it's collecting a little dust. Feels great, all switches were hand lubed. Includes carrying case! Also includes some (not all) extra matcha caps that I didn't use. Eighty Specs: Plate Foam: No Bottom: Gold Feet: Black PCB: Hotswap Top: Green ​/​ WKL Plate: Copper ​/​ ANSI Poron Base: No


  • Item TypeComplete Keyboards
  • ConfigurationTKL
  • Keycap ProfileCherry

Switch Type

  • Linear
  • Tactile
  • Clicky
  • Hand-Lubed
  • Unlubed

Included Extras

Carrying Case, some extra matcha caps.

Pickup Location

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