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About kbdmkt

We all have too many keyboards. We don't like the experience of buying or selling on Reddit/eBay/Facebook. We wanted to create a more polished and secure marketplace for the used market.


Welcome to kbdmkt, your online marketplace for all things mechanical keyboards. Derived from "keyboard market," kbdmkt is the platform that connects you to a vibrant community of keyboard enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you're a passionate enthusiast looking to buy or sell used mechanical keyboards, parts, or accessories, kbdmkt is here to serve your needs.

How it all Began

kbdmkt was born from a shared frustration – the quest for the perfect mechanical keyboard. All of us here - avid mechanical keyboard enthusiasts - found ourselves constantly searching for unique and high-quality keyboard components to enhance our typing experience. We soon realized that there were countless mechanical keyboards, switches, and keycaps collecting dust in the homes of fellow enthusiasts.

As avid musicians, we are very familiar with Reverb.com and other marketplaces. We thought: "Why isn't there a Reverb for premium keyboards?" The market is getting bigger and there's a vast amount of parts, accessories, and related culture within this community. Our goal is to make it all accessible.

Our Mission: Accessibility and Community

At kbdmkt, our mission is simple – we want to make mechanical keyboards accessible to everyone. We envision a world where mechanical keyboard enthusiasts can easily buy or sell the perfect keyboard, parts, or accessories without breaking the bank or worrying about being scammed.

Join the kbdmkt community today. Whether you're a seller looking to find a new home for your beloved keyboard or a buyer searching for your dream setup, kbdmkt is where you belong.

We're happy to have you on board. Together, we can redefine the way the world thinks about and shops for mechanical keyboards, one keystroke at a time.

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Who we are

kbdmkt is a brand owned and operated by WGP Solutions LLC. Based in Milwaukee, we're a multi-faceted small business offering a small range of brands and products.

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